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Students have a unique opportunity!

Students at Kennedy Elementary School receive excellent instruction in the core areas of Reading, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. Currently, as a result of School Improvement Planning (S.I.P.), there is an emphasis on literacy. In addition, students are enriched by special classes, such as: Physical Education, Art, Music, Library and Reach Technology.Special website resources for students and parents can be found under Library Resources. We hope that you will enjoy them!

Cougar's Treehouse: What's Happening At Kennedy!

We are having a great year! The students are working diligently on all of their studies. There is an emphasis on a new reading program called Mondo. This wonderful program includes: exciting trade books, phonics, word studies, comprehension activities and valuable assessments. Math is being reinforced with a new online computer program called Reflex Math. Students use this program in Reach Class and in their homerooms. It emphasizes fact fluency. Reflex Math has a game format and is very engaging for the children. Students can use it at home too. Give it a try!

Second Step social emotional skills are being taught by the Specials Team and reinforced by the homeroom teachers. Students learn valuable skills such as: how to listen effectively, how to focus their attention, repeating and following directions, asking for help from friends, avoiding bullying, showing good self control and more! The children are responding nicely to this program!

Cougar says, "You are the best! You will always be the best! I wish you the best!" 



Get Involved in Kennedy’s Garden Project

garden project

If you would like to learn more about this project, or ways in which to support it, please contact Kennedy's main office at 204-3420


Student Leadership Opportunities
:  Kennedy students are wonderful leaders.  They participate in Student Council and as mentors for younger children.  We also have super patrol guards.

P.T.A. Sponsored Events:  There are many exciting fun nights at Kennedy, along with cultural programs that are provided by our P.T.A.  We always enjoy the artists, musical groups, theatrical productions and the East High Multico group that come to our school.  The Multico group teaches the children about various cultures.

C.O.P.S. Program: The Madison Police Department volunteers talk to the 4th and 5th grade children about staying safe and healthy.  They train them in how to avoid substance abuse.  We are very thankful for their time and efforts in helping our children be successful in this area! 

School Assemblies:  Periodically we have all school assemblies where students can build a sense of community and share their talents.

Technology:  Each classroom has two computers and several are available in the library.  We are now using netbooks for Reach Technology class. The children are very enthusiastic about the new netbooks!

Ropes Course:  Students at Kennedy have a huge ropes course in their own backyard.  They learn many new skills as they climb to new heights.

School Store:  The fifth grade children run a school store, where others can purchase fun school supplies.


Book Fairs:  Twice a year we have a spectacular book fair where students and families can buy the latest titles.  Books are then purchased for the library collection and several are donated to the homerooms as well.

Music and Strings:  The students at Kennedy are very fortunate to have two musical programs.  Concerts for both programs happen throughout the year.

Volunteers:  We have a crew of dedicated parent and senior volunteers.  They help our school by working with the children in reading, writing and math, running off items, laminating learning materials, completing library tasks and managing the book room.  Thank you so much!