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If you need to reach the staff listed below, please go to the Staff Directory, and you will be able to look up their email addresses and/or phone number.


Classroom Teachers and Teacher Teams

Staff are listed by grade level and then by instructional teams, with their team name and website if applicable.

Grade Level


Alisha Green-Johnson, Lindsey Koch, Carri Olver, Sarah Symes, and Austin Stanley

1st Grade

Valerie Chappell, Kate Simpson, Madeline Oleson, Lauren Wagner, and Michelle Hanson

2nd Grade

Andy Bohnsack, Nicole Hoffman, Emilie Reiss, Julie Stair, Emily Holt, and Ana Marcela Lara Lopez

3rd Grade

Allie Czuprynski, Caitlyn Foshay, Bruce Kane, Becky Stoddard, Erin Casper, and Ana Marcela Lara Lopez

4th Grade

Bryenne Alesch, Katie Gehrke, Emily Mahlik, Lyndie Paquette, Madeline Taylor and Celine Fox

5th Grade

Patricia Kelly, Diane Palmiter, Christopher Salem, Karyn Nicka, Michelle Hanson, Austin Stanley, and Marcela Lopez


Specials Team

Physical Education - Kathy Hellenbrand and Glenn Patterson

Art - Lisa Brown and Kelly McShane-Rock

Music - Leanne Born, Sarah LeDuc, Levi Olson (Strings), and Michael Allen (Strings)

L.M.C. - Joelyne Hoerth

REACH - Jaci Saeger, Katlin Schmudlach, Joelyne Hoerth



Principal - Nancy Caldwell

Assistant Principal - Karen Mullen


Support Staff and Student Services

SEA/LTE/LMC Page/EA Clerical - Sara Bechtold, Mike Clavey, Sam Cox, Terretha Morris, Deb Prestigiacomo, Nicole Tschanz, and Jeanetta Weaver

Behavior Support - Tammy Moss, Lynn Poster

Speech Therapy - Megan Bormann

Cross Categorical - Erin Casper, Emily Holt, Madeline Taylor, Austin Stanley, and Michelle Hanson

OT/PT - Brianne Van Dyke, and Katie Zumwalde

Psychologist - Becky Fellman

Social Worker - Bridget Cremin 

Reading Interventionist - Nikki Storck

Instructional Resource Teacher - Jamie Lausten

Advanced Learner - Nikki Storck

BRS - Armando Antuna (SPN), Sheng Lee (HMG)

BRT - Marcela Lopez

ESL - Celine Fox

PST - Colin Fass

Schools of Hope (SOH) Coordinator - Emma Hutchins

School Secretary - Amy Hagen

EA Clerical - Jenifer Kalscheur, Sara Bechtold

Nurse and Nurse Assistant - Laurel Cornelius and Mary Hustedt

Food Service - Anita Henneger  

School Custodial Team -  Shary Williams, Gary Petkovsek, and Tim Hennings