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If you need to reach the staff listed below, please go to the Staff Directory, and you will be able to look up their email addresses and/or phone number. 

Classroom Teachers and Teacher Teams

Staff are listed by grade level and then by instructional teams, with their team name and website if applicable.

Grade Level

4K "Elephants" - Erin Casper, Katelyn Keller

Kindergarten "Fruit Loops" - Alisha Green-Johnson, Lindsey Koch, Carri Olver, Sarah Symes, Darby Puglielli, and Austin Stanley

1st Grade - Valerie Chappell, Kate Simpson, Madeline Oleson, Lauren Wagner, Katelyn Keller, and Celine Fox

2nd Grade "The Sea" - Andy Bohnsack, Nicole Hoffman, Emilie Reiss, Lauren Leffingwell, Austin Stanley, and Darby Puglielli

3rd Grade "PAWS" - Allie Czuprynski, Caitlyn Foshay, Dexxie Bankhead, Becky Stoddard, Emily Holt, and  Ana Kyngesburye

4th Grade "The Quad" -  Katie Gehrke, Morgan Johnson, Emily Layton, Lyndie Paquette, Madeline Taylor and Ana Kyngesburye

5th Grade "The 5th Dimension" - Patricia Kelly, Sara Langer, Diane Palmiter, Karyn Nicka, Celine Fox, and Breah Lieberman

Specials Team

Physical Education - Kathy Hellenbrand, Deanna Whiting, and Sarah Sorenson

Art - Lisa Brown and Katie Griffiths

Music - Christopher Powers, Ken Stancer, and Levi Olson (Strings)

L.M.C. - Joelyne Hoerth

REACH - Jaci Saeger, Nikki Storck, Joelyne Hoerth


Principal - Nancy Caldwell
Assistant Principal - Karen Mullen

Support Staff and Student Services

SEA/LTE/EA Clerical/Noon Lunch Supervision - Sara Bechtold, Jennifer Kalscheur, Mike Clavey, Sam Cox, Terretha Morris, Deb Prestigiacomo, Rick Smith, Nicole Tschanz, and Jeanetta Weaver 
Behavior Support - Tammy Moss, Lynn Poster
Speech Therapy - Megan Bormann, Meg Wollner
Cross Categorical - Emily Holt, Katelyn Keller, Breah Lieberman, Austin Stanley, and Madeline Taylor
OT/PT - Lisa Jacobson / Tabitha Gehrmann
Psychologist - Becky Fellman
Social Worker - Bridget Cremin 
Reading Interventionist - Nikki Storck
Instructional Resource Teacher - Lisa Rust
Advanced Learner - Maureen Mensing
BRS - Armando Antuna (Spanish), Sheng Lee (Hmong), Brendan Loula (Mandinka)
BRT - Ana Kyngesburye
ESL - Celine Fox
PST - Andrea Fairweather
Schools of Hope (SOH) Super Tutor - Kathy Mallach
School Secretary - Amy Hagen
EA Clerical - Sara Bechtold
Nurse and Nurse Assistant - Laurel Cornelius and Mary Hustedt
Food Service - Anita Henneger  
School Custodial Team -  Shary Williams, Gary Petkovsek, and Tim Hennings