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Notifying the school 

If your son/daughter is going to be absent, please report the absence online (click here) or call the Attendance line at 204-3435.  If your child will be tardy, please also leave your child's lunch choice for that day (if taking a school lunch).

For more information on what is considered an Excused Absence, please click here for the MMSD Policy #4031

Pre-Approved Planned Absences (forms available in the main office)

From time to time it is necessary for a student to be absent for reasons other than those listed (above). A Pre-approved planned absence should occur only for special circumstances and only after the student or parent has completed the procedure outlined below.

  1. For a pre-approved planned absence, a Parent Request for a Planned Absence form must be completed and submitted to the student’s principal before the scheduled absence. This form can be obtained from the school's office and requires the signatures of parent(s)/guardian(s), teacher(s) and the student’s principal.
  2. The absence shall be included in the student’s permanent record.
  3. Up to 10 days per school year is the maximum time period for which a parent/guardian can excuse a student from school attendance by excusing the student in writing before the absence.
  4. Arrangements shall be made for the completion of schoolwork missed over the course of the absence(s).