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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Welcome to Kennedy Elementary School!

John F. Kennedy Elementary School is one of Madison’s largest, presently serving approximately 530 students in grades 4K- 5.  The classes are heterogeneously grouped into single graded classrooms, whereby each teacher/instructional team is responsible for teaching all academic subjects, to include: literacy, math, science, and social studies as well as district-wide Second Step curriculum (addressing social-emotional standards).

Most students at Kennedy will identify with one homeroom teacher but also as a member of an instructional team (two or three classrooms working together as a team).  Teachers at each grade level collaboratively plan and coordinate their curriculum and instruction allowing flexible grouping to occur within and across teams.  This is an important strategy at our school, to better target instruction for students’ varied levels of learning.  Common Core State Standards (CCSS) guide teachers in their collective development of curriculum and ongoing assessment. Instructional teams/teachers are committed to developing engaging and differentiated learning opportunities which are responsive to and inclusive of all students, including our students with disabilities and English Language Learners.  Additionally, all students have the benefit of receiving weekly instruction in specials classes to include: REACH/Technology, Library, Physical Education, Art and Music.

Mission Statement

The mission of John F. Kennedy Elementary School, a neighborhood school with family commitment, is to ensure that all children succeed academically and socially, so that they continue developing lifelong learning skills and respect for diversity, by providing an appropriately challenging curriculum and a safe, nurturing learning environment that fosters individual responsibility and productive citizenship.

Students work in a small group.